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October 7, 2005.


Watching television could not make me happy on Friday evening. I was alone at home as my better half went to Mysore for Dusshera. I wanted to go out on the weekend. I started thinking about the places and could toss up couple of places but finally I decided to go Mysore with Naavu Sari illa Boyz

This particular week is special for Mysoreans as Dusshera festival. We got 10 days of Dasami in Mysore and all kinds of cultural activities will be underway in Mysore. I wanted to show our Navu sari illa boyz on our Mysore culture. One more reason I wanted to go Mysore by Car because of the waterfall made by my love needs to go Mysore before wednesday. So "Ondu kallu eradu Hakki"...

Called up Vinod/Raaghu and setup the plan for next two days. Daya mama was in Mysore and he would join us for the trip. We did not inform Daya mama about our plans. We wanted to give him a big big surprise :)


October 8, 2005.

So, all set to visit "Kalegala Thavaruru, Mysore ". Raaghu waited for Mandi and he could not turned up. Raaghu decided to pick me up in Jayanagar. Raaghu came to my house in TATA Indica and I got in. We went to Raaghu's house. Vinod suppose to Join us but he called us and said come over to Vijaynagar bus stand. We picked up Vinod @ Vijaynagar bus stand and we five are on the way to Mysore.


Guess how 5? Naanu, Vinod, Raaghu, Kumar (Driver) and TATA Indica  :))

We really enjoyed the journey to Mysore. 4 Lanes new road :) There is a Vintage car ralley in Mysore for Dasara. All the vintage ralley participants are on the way to Mysore drowing their old cars. We are able to take couple of snaps of the same.

Man the old car runs solid on good road :) We did see some of the great brands...Jaguar, Ferrari, Chevey and so on...


I stared explaning about Mysore and Mysore culture. I did not forget to tell "Gandhadha Nadidhu Mysore, Chinnada Bedidhu Mysore" and I assured that you will enjoy most in Mysore.

In the mean time I checked out with my Mysore contacts for hotel accommadation but found out that all hotels are full due to Dasara. I thought two guys can stay in our house. My Bro told no problem.

We reached Mysore @ 1 PM. "Time for lunch guys" said Vinod. We stopped at Hotel Kamat, a decent place in Mysore. We finished the lunch and plan to visit Tiski mane on the fly. We called Tiski near to his house.  We stopped in front of the house (Vinod was talking over the phone with Tiski). Tiski was near to door and saw us. He could not believe that scene. Enge Mama surprise :)) 


We decided about the next 2 days program in Mysore and we left to our house with Tiski.


In our house, we have the tradition of "Gombe Kursodhu" as part of Dasara. We went to our house by 4 PM and I showed and explanined the "Gombes" to Bangalore Boyz. They are happy to see this and vinod said "Maga sakkat" :))

We hand over the waterfall to Sandhu and she started working on that to fix the water motor.


Santro Time

Vinod wanted to drive our Santro. This desire have waited for more than 3 years. Finally time to break this. This time he got the opportunity. At 5 PM we went Mysore Ring Road and Vinod drowed our Santro very neatly. Lovely maga,  keep up the sprit.

We decided to leave to palace at around 6 PM. We reached the palace at around 6:30 PM.


The palace light glows at 7 PM. We just loafed around palace. When the clock strikes 7'o clock the light got illuminated. It was a just wonderful seen for any one. Vinod loved it very most. He started asking How many blubs? and so on. The next day he did some Googlism and came out with the number and rest story. 


We enjoyed the beauty of the palace. We did catch best view in our photo. After we are done in palace its the time to see chamundi hills. Actaullay we wanted to see palace lights from chamundi hills. We headed towards Chamundi hills. We reached the view point and able to see the night of Mysore. We had a wonderful arial view of Mysore from the Chamundi hills. We have the "Chamundi" Dharshan and we spent 15 mins in front of "Mahishasura".


We came down at 9:30 PM to Mysore and had a nice food in Hotel Govardhan. We asked to Tiski to stay in my house. We logged of our day with nice chatting in our house.


October 9, 2005

The boyz got ready 9 AM. We had a home breakfast at my home. We headed towards Nanjangud. The plan is to cover Nanjangud, Gopala Swamy Beta and KRS and back to Bangy.


Chamundi bettada tappalinalli we had a pooja for our car. Kumar told that all public generally does pooja here. We did't knew that. Knowledge update for us. Then we headed towards Nanjangud and reached around 10:30 AM. Nanjangud is also known as "Dakshina Kashi". The temple has been pained in its natural way. The new paint gives more charming look to "GOPURA". We finished the dharshan with in 30 mins or less. We wanted to go around temple. I was eager to show/See all the KS styles around the temple. We had a couple of debatable session on some of the idols. Topic offline. We finished Nanjangud at around 12 Noon. We headed towards Gopala swamy betta. 


Gopala swamy betta is also known as Himavadh Gopala swamy betta. Its 19 KMS from Gundlupete.  On the way to Gopalaswamy betta we had a flat type and Kumar changed the type with in 10 mins. We stopped our car two times to have scenic butyl on the way to BG. Full of tiski jokes made us to reach BG in no time. The temple was closed as the pujari had gone to lunch. We just loafed around the temple for 30 minutes and we are back, temple was opened. We had a good darshana of "Gopala Swamy". The priest updated us with the  "sthala purana". It was around 2:30 and we thought time to have lunch and we headed towards Gundlupete.


In Gundlupete we went to Nagi's bro in-laws house. Food was waiting for us. Thanks to Nagi & Nagi's bro Prasad for all the arrangements in advance. So full scope to Naganna there. Food was fantastic.oota in "baale ele " (Plantain leaf). All the guys batted very well. Once we finished late lunch we started towards Mysore and couple of the us went for a short nap. 


On the way to Mysore a Tree fall down... JUST MISS (Reason for just miss: we took time in full batting..having lunch). There is a saying..what ever happens happens for (good aagodhalla valedhake). Then we reached Mysore. Driver took us through Ring Road. While entering the ring road it looks like there is a big road ahead but after 50 to 100 Meters the road is small i.e..2way .A big gooly ringing road.


Then we reached KRS around 6:15PM. Full of people...because of dasara. We parked our car on the other side of KRS. New place for parking. While entering KRS we saw a Indian guy his approximate height is 7+ feet. He works for KRS Dam as a Security Guard.  Most of the Childrens were so happy to see that guy. Raaghu took few snaps of Brundavan garden. Fountain. Then we went towards Musical Fountain. It was really nice. We were there for 15 min... for 3 songs One Kannada Song(Doctor's song Hutidhare Kannada nadali hootabeke) English and an Hindi song(Gupt song).Then we are back to our car.


We all headed towards Bangalore. From KRS car went towards Srirangapattana, where we dropped daya. then directly to Bangalore.


It turned out to be a memorable trip with lots of fun and cherishing moments.


FYI: Nagann encorparate(Night alli Nagann maneli halt, at that time full chatting at the same time CALL FROM KABIRA UK. Full Surprise to him.)


Finally after the trip, we remembered Anna's words from Gandhadha Gudi...

To view all the photos... Please click here....

Below are the some of the snaps.


Naggan and Shaker on the way to venu gopal swami betta.


Raaghu, Naggan and Vinod in front of Armane.


Extraordinarily good, used especially 93200 bulbs illuminating the ArMane.


At venu gopal swamy betta.



Naggan, Vinod, Raaghu and Kumar on the way to venu gopal swamy betta and gundalpet.


while climbing up towards betta.