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Vinod, Daya, Ashok, Cousin Santu, Devu, Mahesh, Dorai and Nagi --> B boyz(Bangalore Boys)
Shankar and Karthik --> P boyz (Pune Boys)
March 24, 2005
1. Heavy traffic @ KG Road. able to reach bus stand by 10 PM.
2. VOLVO started at 10:30 PM.
3. Movie called Saudagar started and we were busy with our chatting.
4. Heavy traffic near Peenya. 1 Hour late.
5. Accident in Highway 48 made us 1 hr delay to reach Mangalore.
March 25, 2005
1. VOLVO arrived Mangalore @ 8 AM
3. Boarded typical Kerala Govt bus.
4. Bus started to KGD.
5. Landed @ Private bus stand.
6. City towers was waiting for us.
7. Room booking. 3 double rooms. but No A/C maam.
8. Fresh up and had tasteful breakfast at Vasanth Vihaar (Basement hotel)
9. Shankar and Nagi arrange for Qualis (bit costly we felt). Driver name: Mustaq
10. Shankar chatted with Mustaq and had plan for the day.
11. Qualis does not seems to be fit for 10 guys. Any how guys right, swalpa
12. Qualis started. First spot,  Church-our lady of delours.
13. Purchased a foot ball from MIDDLE STUMP (Shop name)
14 Next, AnanthaPadmanabhan temple, Anathpur - Unique feature - Built on lake which  has a crocodile (One) all time.
   The god is made of up paste kind of stuff (very sticky ) which is from Ayurvedic moolikes. Not a sculpture
15. Bekal fort-Such a beautiful big fort built on the side of the sea. Had a fantastic time.
16. While returning, bit of refresh with apple juice.
17. Road side beach - just 10 mins rest near the beach.
18. Photo view session and followed by sign off.
March 26, 2005
1. Wake up mor morning. Get ready
2. Breakfast @ Saravana Bhavan = Pongal and delicious food.
3. Checkout the City Towers.
4. Tata sumo : Driver Mohamad: Tata sumo can easily accommodate 10 ppl. No probs. Started the day with full enthu.
5. Back waters Valiyaparabha. Took beautiful snaps.
6. Karthik forget to take the wallet which was base for camera during one snap. P boyz proved that they are not reponsible for their belongings
7. Parasinikadavu == Sri Muthappan temple on the bank of river. ( Small temple and its very nice)
8. Beach time == Pyyambalam. Foot ball match b/n us. We (Nagi/Santu/Daya/Devu/Vinod) played wonderful game and finally
   including shanks all team players are flat. final score 2-2.
9. Birthday bumps for Devu from P and B boyz.
10. Beach drive. == On the way to Mahe, We can take our vehicles on the beach. Beach drive was first time experience for me and it was fabulous.
11. Kingdom of Wines, Mahe Enter We can see all liquor shops are open and we did see a Q in one of the shops.
12. We thought this is not our place to stay and we came back to Thallessary.
13. Hotel accommdation -Again no A/C. Hotel name "SANGAM"
14. PearlValley = Devu has to remember this place. Party from Devu on this BD. Thanks Devu
15. Photo view session
16. Sign off
March 27, 2005
1. Started at around 10 AM
2. Next to PearlValley there is a hotel. We can say "FAST SERVICE" hotel. Had a Breakfast.
3. Again, beach drive. This time we are able to take snaps and we did spend 10 mins there.
4. On the way to Mangalore to catch VOLVO for P boyz.
5. Songs from all of us.
     a. Nagi, H20 song and Raktha Kaneeru dialogue. Prema chandrama.. lee lee appana magale...
     b. shanks == Meri bheeghi bheeghi
     c. vinod == Aadmi jo kahetha hain,
     d. Ashok == sogaya ee jaahaa
     e. Karthik == Aadavidu laila
     f. Dorai == Ande Ande
     g. Santu == jaadu teri naazaar
     h. Ashok == Don't remember.(Shanks can you add)
     i. Devu == Chorus
     j. Daya == Hosa belaku, Premalooka
6. Welcome to Karnataka, Mohamad bribed RTO for excess passengers.
7. Mangalore PVS building. Volvo ready to take P boyz to Pune.
8. Farewell to shanks/Karthik(Pune boys)
9. B boyz, Planned for a Movie. Decided to go "RAKSHASHA" kannada movie. Starring : Shiva Raj Kumar and so
10. Lunch @ Kamadhenu
10. Tata Sumo (Mohamad) settlement in front of Suchitra.
11. Standing in Q for tickets.
12. Tickets SOLD OUT.
13. Plan to go "Classic hindi movie", Vinod did  not like it
14. Vinod shouted. Why you are waiting?   BLACK tickets are available.  B boyz are on the way to Movie.
15. Movie: first half, punch dialogues from Shivu. Second half-Ultimate babe. "Face is like marble kano. ondu pimple kooda illa nodu"
    dialogue from Daya
16. Movie got over at 7 PM.
17. Nandini - Milk made us little bit of refresh.
18. Decided to walk till KSRTC but in the middle we got a bus and bus to ok us to KSRTC bus stand.
19. Dinner at Naivedya. It was OK. We did not took much.
20. Panchami == Had coconut and sugar cane juice.
22. KSRTC bus platform arrive. Raja Hamsa was waiting for us. Boarded and bus started at 21:30 HRS.
March 28, 2005
1. Reached Bangy at 5:15 AM.
2. Vinod/Devu/Mahesh seems to be got down near yeshwantpur.
3. Nagi/ashok/santu/Daya/dorai back to Majestic and boarded the Auto.
Highlights of the Trip:
1. Met Dorai Raj. It had a nice and enjoy trip.
2. This trip made us to have some standardization. Later you will come to know this.
3. Temple on Lake.
4. Beach drive.
5. NH 17 covers all the districts in Kerala.
6. Songs from all of US.

To view all the photos... Please click here....

Below are the some of the snaps.


Small island in between the back waters.


Parasinikadavu --> Sri Muthappan temple on the bank of river. ( Small temple and its very nice)


Very beuatiful view from the top of bekal fort. (If you see it carefully you can see a train going on the shore)


Trying to fly.... from front Karthik, Ashok, Santu, Daya mama.


Vinod @ 175 Degree Stretch.


On top of the Bekal fort.


Rolling race between Naggan and Daya Mama.... in which Daya mama won.


Shanks, Naya Khaladi... Trying to give pose with cigg in hand.