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Starring - Vinod, Daya, Raaghu, Shets, Full Naggan.


Background of the trip:


It all started with a thought that we have to prove Kabira’s statement that “YOU GUYS CANNOT GO ANY WHERE WITH OUT ME”, in addition to this every week travel description for the places he visited in UK from Kabira made us to think seriously that we have to execute one trip before he is back.


After making up the mind for executing the trip, one of the toughest part we have to decide are listed below

     1)      How many folks are Game?

     2)      Mode of transportation.

     3)      Accommodation.

     4)   Miscellaneous.


After creating huge traffic on the mail servers finally decided on the above list


1)      Me (Vinod), Daya Mama aka Tiski, Raaghu aka Shaker/Thirthru(Raaghu), Shets, Gane are game for the trip. It will be unfair from my part if I don’t mention about the views of the rest of the members.


Devu: As usual one liner “not game busy kano, guru sakkat kelsa”


Ashok: Newly married so can understood that, he has to be there most of the time where near ones are there.


Mahesh: Says “TOOOOOOO early call for the next years trip”


Full Naggan: Female part of full Naggan had presentation and mandatory party to be attended.


Karthik and Durai: Beyond reach.


Shiva: Had some family function to attend.


So on average more or less folks dropped off.


2)      Mode of transportation was totally depended on the number of persons, so now its decided only 5 person so we thought going for Sumo or Qualis. Shetty enquired about the Pungi’s sumo. But was flopped and decided to go for the Qualis. Raaghu took the responsibility of booking the Qualis


3)      Accommodation responsibility was taken by Daya mama.


By Wednesday 16th Nov we decided that we are 5 confirmed members. Then was a unexpected drop off from the Gane, who literally was upset from the group trip activities as we did not executed any trips for long time. Well that was his call and unavoidable circumstances and was well respected. With this drop off we were only 4 person left. Any how once decided we cannot step back “gotta alla naavu yaaru antha”. Raaghu booked the Qualis and Daya Mama has taken necessary contact details of accommodation.


Day 0 - Nov 18, 2005 (Friday)


Every thing was decided and confirmed. We all reached home and while going back to home from work decided mode of pick up. Raaghu updated saying that Qualis would come to his house and then from there we shall proceed further. Raaghu, headed towards Yeshwanthpura around 3 left for Saturday in the Qualis. On the way Raaghu updated Me(Vinod) that get ready.

I(Vinod) started heading towards Yeshwanthpura so that Shetty can join me and avoid some 5KM J. One the way Sandhya (Half Naggan) called me said that Full Naggan are also game. That was like fully shocking news for me. Well its clearly resembles the name NAAVU SARIILLA J, and Sandhya said that decided on the fly as her presentation was cancelled. But there was a catch in the deal for the Trip. The deal is that Full Naggan would leave Coorg on Sat Night to Mysore to attended family function. We said DONE DEAL, HOP-IN.


One the Nagaland Circle Junction I got in the Qualis, Raaghu introduced to driver and I updated Raaghu that Full Naggan are also joining. He was also shocked with the expression “ENN BAALU IDDU..” I said “GOTHA ALLA NAAVU YAARU ANTHA”. Then we headed towards Shetty house and Shetty was ready. Picked up shetty and then headed towards Full Naggan’s house, waited near Full Naagans house as they were out for dinner.


We all started to Coorg around 1 to Saturday. Venketesh(Driver) drove towards Mysore but before some 5 KM from Mysore Qualis tyre got punctured and Venketesh took 15 mins to get back to normal shape and then starting our journey towards Mysore and dropped in Naggans cousine house to drop the Teddy Bear and then headed non-stop towards Madikeri. Morning around 4 past Saturday sleep was un-tolerable by Venketesh and said that we will have some 30 mins rest and then proceed further. Me(Vinod) and Raaghu saw out side it was terrific weather with the droplets of water vapor suspended in the air all over the road and could not stop ourselves for stepping out. Stepped out and went for a walk in the mist. In the foggy climate I was thinking that if we could get a cup of hot tea then nothing like that. As the mist was clearing we could see one tea shop with the light music. Me and Raaghu went to the shop and I had one cup of tea. Raaghu did not have as having fear of Nature call J. After that we started towards Madikeri.


Day 1 Nov 19, 2005 (Saturday) Madikeri


Reached Madikeri around 7 past Saturday. Daya Mama started called his friends (Boy / girl still no idea) mother who is big shot in Madikeri, in the mean time me(Vinod) and Raaghu enquired about the Hotel room. Then Daya updated that there is a 2 bedroom house and where we can cook also (whether we cook or not secondary) and we all said that go for it. The cost was nominal and much lesser then the hotel cost. Headed towards the house and the house was much more then expected. While roaming on the roads of Madikeri Vinod recalled one of his Digi Trip with Digimates. He started explaining where they stayed and what all the places they covered and so on. Good recall of memory man!!


Raaghu in the mean time started pestering to get ready fast as we are already 1 hours behind schedule. Due to the limitation on number of bathroom, the process got further delayed for an hour. In the mean time Ramu(Local House Boy) got us coffee. Once every one were ready we had one round of photo session with the NAAVU SARIILLA Swett shirts. This photo session was for the Kabira to identify the NAAVU SARIILLA members. The deal was that if not identified the members then he will be fined in pounds.

By the time we are were in Athithi(Hotel) it was 10 past Saturday.

In front of Athithi was had some photo sessions.


Headed Towards Tal kavari.


On the way towards we had a hot topic for discussion to change the name of our group NAAVU SARIILLA to some good and decent name. Lots of new names came out but non of them were really mind blowing as NAAVU SARIILLA. Couple of names were able to give some fight (Nenapu, Srigandha) but at the end we had dropped that idea.  Humping, Dumping, Jumping” road towards talakaravi took some more time than expected. This Humping, Dumping, Jumping” road gave nature admire Raaghu to take some more snaps on the way. On the way we got down out of Qualis and started walking along with road. During the walk Daya Mama and Shetty had some “KASTA SUKHA MATHUGALU”. At one particular spot we had one more round of photo session for Kabira’s Quiz. After the photo session we got in to Qualis and headed towards Tal Kavari continuing our change of name topic. At around 13 Past Saturday we reached Tal Kavari and had darshan of Birth place of Kavari River.

In order to get a glimpse of Arabian Sea we climbed up to top of Brahmagiri. But as expected there was nothing visible. It seems that during the clear sky you can get a glimpse of Arabian Sea. Any way with out missing this opportunity Raaghu digitalized some of the best nature views. Got down and had some cold “MAJJIGE” and continuing my (Vinod) tradition I bought one devotional cassetteJ.


By the time we left Tal Kavari it was 14 Past Saturday.


Headed Towards Sangama.


While getting down in the ghat section had some live coverage from Raaghu. Before 2 KM from Sangama, we got down as Some other group people vehicle got punctured and they were unable to fix that. Our Venkatesh said that I will get the puncture done for our tyre also.

We said OK and started walking towards Sangama. While going there were lot of school children’s accompanied us and all of the kids read print on our t-shirts were shouting NAAVU SARIILLA, NAAVU SARIILLA. We stopped near by one shop and refueled our self and after refueling we continued our walk towards Sangama. Reached Sangama and Our Qualis also came by that time. There was nothing much to see in sangama so we skipped that headed towards Madikeri. Reached Madikeri and were searching for one Vegetarian hotel, after some struggle we found vegi hotel by name “guru prasad” and had our mid day meal.


Headed Towards Abbe falls


It was around 16 past Saturday when we started. We where thinking to go to Room and get refreshed and then go towards Abbe Falls. But, ongoing Half Naggan’s Family “KASTHA”, decided to go straight to Abbe Falls. Reached Abbe falls and relaxed for an hour and had some photo sessions. In Abbe falls, someone enquired about our NaavuSariilla t-shirt. After that, reading of Abbe falls history displayed on stone by Raghu. From there came back to House and then got refreshed with hot coffee and Full Naggan packed things to go back to Mysore. Came to Madikeri bus stand and Full Naggan boarded the bus to Mysore. I guess first time in Full Naggan’s History boarded NON-VOLVO busJ. But what to do has to adjust with things some time.


Me(Vinod), Raaghu, Daya Mama and Shetty came back to Room and relaxed for a while before India and Srilanka match was started. Had hot bajji and coffee prepared by Ramu(House Boy). Then arranged for Cards and played till 20 past Saturday. After that we realized that we are hungry and left the same and went in search of night meal. Luckily found one place to grab some thing at Hotel Woodlands. Finished night meal and back to Room and continued our play with and at around 23 past Saturday went to bed.


Day 1 Nov 20, 2005 (Sunday)


Before going to bed Raaghu said that get up as early as possible so that we can easily cover all the places with out hurry burry. Me(Vinod) and Raaghu got up at 5.15 – 5.30 and did some YOGA to refresh ourselves. We (me and raaghu) got ready by 6.45 and still Lazy fellows Daya Mama and Shetty were in deep sleep, it was tough job make Daya Mama and Shetty to get up from the bed. After great struggle got up. In the mean time these guys get ready, me(Vinod) and Raaghu went to RAJA SEAT in morning hours to get some real fresh air. Spend some time and Raaghu digitalized some of the best nature. Came back to Room and lazy fellows were ready and checked out the house. By the time we left it was 8 past Sunday.


Headed towards OMKARESHWARA Temple


Breakfast in the Madikeri was not that good, so decided that we can have break fast at Kushalnagar and Athithi hotel. Visited the OMKARESHWARA temple it was marvelous piece of art. Temple was too good. Had darashana and then continued journey towards Kushalnagar and ATHITHI hotel.


Headed towards Harangi Dam.


Once finished break fast at ATHITHI, we headed towards harangi dam. By the time we reached harangi dam it was around 11 past Sunday. This time camera and handy cam were banned so could not carry inside. Reached Dam and Releaxed for and hour there with remembering some old memories and discussing “KASTHA SUKHA” While walking back towards Qualis took a long walk and got in to the Qualis. I(Vinod) drove Qualis 5 KM till we reach main road. By the time we come back from Harangi dam it was 13 Past Sunday and and our Lunch at ATHITHI again. Finished lunch and headed towards Bagmandala.



Headed towards Bagmandala, its Nisargadhama


We were disappointed when we came to know that boating is not allowed in this season as the water flow is more.  Instead we took tickets for Jambu savari (Elephant ride).  Inside Nisargadhama, we spent some time taking snaps of nature.  Enjoyed some time swinging on a uyyale tied to a tree.  Later on spent some time near the river flowing.  Vinod had a nostalgic feeling at this place.  He was telling some of his heroics of his previous visit along with his digital group.  When we were waiting for elephant ride, Vinod was approached by a group of girls (!!!!) to take their snaps on elephant.  Then they thanked him and we went on elephant ride.  During elephant ride, Vinod started to give gyan on evolution.  Even Charles Darwin couldn’t have answered an ultimate question from Vinod.  It is Question of Millennium – Evolution made man from monkey, But how come still there some monkeys left over? After lunch at Athithi, headed towards Golden temple


Headed towards Golden temple.


A whole village has been given to the Tibetans and inside the temple premises, all the Tibetan monks were seen.  When we reached the temple, it seems that was lunch time for them.  They were chanting some mantras with a band and huge plates banging in the background.  It seems to us we were in completely different world.  During the photo session, Daya and Shetts had absconded and went back to cab.  Vinod and Raghu were loafing around and were trying to make out which monk is male, which one female as everyone looked similar!!!!  Then we headed towards the parking lot, just in time to find that Kabira had called from UK.  He was just checking whether we could execute the plan properly.  During the call, Vinod had almost disclosed that Nagann was with us during the trip.  Next we headed towards Mysore spending some time in cab playing cards.


Headed towards Mysore.


On the way to Mysore, halted for a tea break and vada. On the way we had nice sessions of cards in the Qualis. On the way got couple of calls from nagann that he is ready and waiting at house.  Just before reaching Nagann’s house, we realized that we should have got some gift to Urmi on her birthday, but went in empty hands.  Expecting for some birthday cake we entered his house but disappointed to hear that there was no cake.  Nagann’s athige gave some sweets and we headed towards Tiski’s house.  On the way to Tiski’s house we dropped in a hotel to have some snacks but ate like dinner – Mallige idli, spicy chutney, akki rotti, and some pani puri too.  Tasty food it was.  Again a halt at Tiski’s house and Vinod who was feeling uncomfortable, cleaned his stomach here.  After that we headed towards Mandya, when Sandhya started pestering us to play some hindi songs but we all wanted to hear kannada songs.  Finally, we decided to start the singing session and give rest to the player.  Along with our regular list of songs – preetse, h20 and daraku, Vinod added his new favourite  Nee bandu ninthaga and Aadisi nodu from Kasturi nivasa.  After the singing session, we halted at Sandhya’s house to pick her mother and headed towards Bengaluru.


Headed towards Bengalooru

On the way towards bengalooru, surprisingly our driver Venkatesh who was mostly quite thorough out the trip started talking.  May be because none of us thought of asking him for a dinner as no one was feeling hungry.  He started talking about his old days when he was driving trucks.  Only Nagann, Daya and Raghu was listening to him and rest were already asleep.  Reached Bengalooru safely at midnight.



To view all the photos... Please click here....

Below are the some of the snaps.


Vinod, Shets, Raaghu at the enternce of OMKARESHWARA Temple.


Vinod and Raaghu at the Harangi Dam.


All Folks, while coming down.


First snap after all the folks worte the Swett Shirt first time.


GOLDEN Temple.


All Folks in relaxed mood after great climb in thrust to see Arabian Sea.


This was a QUIZ snap for kabira. Kabira has to identify the members. If not identified he has to shell out pounds. un-fortunately he failed and took all of us to Le Merdian shared with Senior Citizen.


Near ATHITHI before having the breakfast on first day.