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Destination: Shimoga, Thirthahalli, Kavale Durga, Hidlumane falls, Kuppalli and



No. Of people: 6 + 1 (Vahana Chalaka Satish)


Mode of transportation: Tayota Qualis


KM Reading: 1020 KMS




--> Bangalore - Tumkur - Gubbi - Turuvekere - Arsikere - Banavara - Birur -Tarikere - Badravathi - Shimoga - Thrithahalli


--> Thirthahalli to Kavale durga


--> Kavale Durga - Nagara - Nittur - Just Before Nittur villege - Kumbale - Take right turn after the govt. School -> Mud road -> Left side you will hit school - After that Hidumane falls.


--> Hidumane falls – Thirthahali.


--> Thirthahalli – Kuppalli – Koppa – Shringeri – Agumbe – Jaipura – Chickmagalur – Hassan – Nelamangala – Bangalore


Date: Jan 25, 2007 to Jan 28, 2007


Starring: Nagi, Anil, Raaghu, Pungi, Gane and Vinod


Scriptwriter & Camera man: Vinod (Needless to say any ref. to "I" and

                                               "me"means Vinod.)


Photographer: Gane


Its being almost three months we had gone out for any trips. During the long weekend for Republic day we have decided to go out. Decision making is tough job !! Chitradurga, Kodagu and Malenadu were the in talks to decide about the place to visit. After some 4 – 5 rounds of discussion we finally decided to go for Malenadu.


We finally agreed upon the places to visit in Malenadu with the help of Gane. Gane played a major role in deciding the places. Gane had been to Shimoga and surrounding places a year back. Once the place is decided then next thing is number. of members who will be joining, mode of transport and at last but not the least accommodation.


This time deciding on the number of people was not that difficult as majority of members in the group said that they are not game for any trips till March, due to some personal reasons. This time we were expecting Shankar AKA Kabira to join the trip but the reasons which Kabira gave were very much genuine and very much valid and that’s the reason we did not force him much, But we were hoping till the last as Kabira is world famous for giving the surprises :-)… Right Kabira ?

Anyways finally we were 6 of us who were game for the trip.


Now next challenge, that’s Mode of Transport. Initially we thought of going with Pungi’s sumo. As the Pungi’s driver Rao was unavailable so we thought of alternate one. While meeting at Airlines hotel on Wednesday (24th Jan), Raaghu booked Qualis near to his house.


Last challenge was to accommodation, We were thinking to stay in Shimoga but Gane updated us that if we stay in Shimoga then we have to travel around 150Km extra instead we can stay in Thirthhalli which is near to all the sight seeing spots and also there was no headache of booking the hotel from Bangalore.


Finally we are all ready to “Rock” in “Chirapunji” of South India.



Day 0, 25th Jan 2007


History repeats again as the time decided to start will never meet. We all came to a common agreement that this time we will leave Bangalore on dot…. But …. Reasons continue. Anyways all the reasons looks genuine and no hard feelings even though we are late by 2 and half hours :-). As always I was the first person to reach and on dot to the common point of boarding that’s was Kabira’s house in YPR. At around 2300 Hrs we started towards our most awaited destination.


Day 1, 26th Jan 2007


This was a long weekend and as expected, it was really a great challenge to get off NH4, but some how Qualis boy Satish was able to get in to some galleys and we were able to cross outskirts with out getting stuck anywhere. Nagi and Raaghu were waiting to hear some of the great things happening and were not able to resist. So me and Nagi were seated at the back and were talking about the latest happenings. As usual Nagi with his detective mind and using mobile technology was trying get some things out of Kabira. Kabira, as we know is also expect in answering questions especially to those which comes out of Nagi. It was around 0130 Hrs I was not able to control sleep and I slept for some time. Others continued talking.


After taking diversion in the NH4 towards NH26, there was a small tea shop near “Gubbi” were we stopped for bio break and had a cup of hot tea at the place. Place was silent, with some old songs at the back ground, if it was little bit drizzling then it would have made my day:-) . Satish was too good at driving and we covered most of the journey in no time and at around 0330 Hrs we took a small break bear Bhadravati as Satish wanted to have a cup of tea and cigg. After that we did not stop any were and straight headed towards “Thirthhalli”. We did not enter Shimoga city but took a bypass from the city outskirts and reached “Thirthhalli” at 0515 Hrs. Anil and Satish had a great talking during this time. Anil was giving company to Satish for not sleeping.


Here we enquired about 3 Hotels and no rooms were available and there was no one on the road to ask for. Finally found one Mayura Lodge and we got rooms to stay. All the boys were tired enough and wanted to sleep for some time. It was damn chilling out side and so do water. Hotel folks said that hot water would be available by 0700 hrs.


I was not in mood to sleep and asked if any one would be interested in morning walk (Kabira’s fav :-) ), Anil said that he would join me. With out wasting any more time I took bath in cold water and Anil just took the mini bath. It was foggy morning and was not able to see any one on the road. Our hotel Restaurant was just opened, me and Anil had idly and asked hotel Boy about any good places around for walk. Hotel boy said that there is a River around 1 Km away and we headed towards the river. We were not able to see any river due to fog and were able to listen the sound. Played some of the Dr. Raj songs in Anil’s mobile and sat there for a while. Raaghu called us saying that Hot water is available and all other folks are ready.


Every one got ready by 0830 Hrs and come down to recharge. Around 0930 we started towards our first destination. As always Nagi started, “Neevu Indians se istu, time sense illa…:-)” as we were behind schedule by 1 hour. With out wasting time we headed towards our first destination that’s “Kavale durga”. One the way we got most awaited audio cassette (Mungaru Male). Road to “Kavale durga” was not that good and If this kind of road is in the ghat section then there is no words to explain the pain.


As the old saying, you should be having the good driver to make your trip good. This seems to be valid in this context. Some how Satish was able to get along bad roads with out any problem and with the “Onde Ondu Sari” on tape which energized every one. On the way there was one small bridge where we could not stop ourselves from getting off and digitalizing nature. It was around 1000 Hrs we stated towards our destination. On the way our “Marg Darshaka” Gane was confused with the roads and there was no one to ask about the road. Applying trial and error logic we headed, which resulted in a wrong way but we did not go too far in wrong direction. After traveling some distance in wrong direction we found one local guy and he updated us with the correct road. To some extent mud road was good and finally we reached one point were except legs nothing can go. Got off from Qualis and started trekking. It was around 1045 when we started trekking in Kote. As we were moving upwards Kote we were getting really excited to reach at the top where we could see the whole range of “Sayadari Range” as well as “Linganmakki Dam Reservoir“. On the way Me, Nagi, Anil, Raaghu and Pungi explored some rocky way and Gane and Satish was following the normal route. Gane was showing his photographic talents by digitalizing some of the amazing man made extremes. It was all together tough trekking route and with out taking any breaks we were able to complete the trek in around 1 hours. Finally we reached at the top and there are no words to explain what our eyes saw, its simply superb, fantastic awesome!!!!. In kannada sakkat bombat chindi chitranna. The whole “Sayadari Range”, the bridge were we halted was visible. It was around 1200 Hrs we reached. Spent around 30 minutes and started back. While coming back it was not that tough and we were able to cover in around 40 mins time.


By the time we reached at the starting point all the boys were exhausted and badly need to refuel. There was no hotel near by and the nearest hotel available in “Nagara” which was nearly 40Km away. On the way we had some biscuits and “mandakki” which recharged for a while and at around 1330 Hrs we reached “Nagara” and had our afternoon meals. While coming from “Nagara” back seat nut bolt come off and restricted only one person to sit at back. Some how managed and reached “Nagara”.


After refueling we started to our next destination which was “Hidlamane” Falls. Little background of this place. This falls is situated near Nittur in Hosanagar Taluka. To reach the falls we have you have to trek the rocky hills surrounded by dense lush trees. Road was real bad actually speaking there was no road at all. While traveling Satish took a oath that never in life he will turn up here in Qaualis :-). In a nutshell, on the way to Nittur from Nagara you will hit the village called Kumbale. There is a govt primary school and just after that you have to take right road.


“Hidlamane” is one small “mane” which is the land mark from where we have to start the trek all through the rocky hills. It was around 1500 Hrs when we started the trek and reached at the top of the falls at around 1600 Hrs. Trekking was real good and was the life time experience and at the same time very dangerous as one slip will take us to the place which we are suppose to go after 40 – 45 years :-). Me, Gane, Satish and Raaghu reached at the falls and our Family man (Nagi), Anil and Pungi were following us at the snail’s pace. Age factor was really showing off at Nagi’s face as he was struggling to trek. Finally Nagi made it with 3 dangerous slips, touch wood nothing happened. On the trekking way we met some trekkers group from Bangalore. Falls was too good and we were tempted to take bath, but due to shortage of time and cloths we spend there 30 mins that started trekking back to “Hidlamane”. Trekking back was dangerous because of slippery surface and mud. While coming back I tried R & D in taking some of the “Mungaru Male” style water fall video in handy cam. I don’t know how much I succeeded :-) . Anyways it was around 1700Hrs when we reached “Hidlamane” (Starting point). Satish, Gane, Pungi, Raaghu and Nagi took some rest and me and Anil started walking on the road. Me and Anil almost covered some 2 Km by walk and got in to Vehicle on the way.


Now our next destination was “Thirthhalli”, on the way we stopped for tea which we required badly and headed towards “Thirthhalli”. Reached hotel at around 1930 Hrs and Freshened up and had dinner at near by hotel came back at around 2200 Hrs. As usual all folks called up house and updated the status. It was a special day for some boys. Gane, Anil, Nagi and Raaghu played 4 – 5 rounds of Rummy, while playing decided about next days agenda briefly and sign off the day at 2330 Hrs.



Day 2, 27th Jan 2007


As always all boys decided to get early from bed and get ready and leave the place as early as possible. But nothing will go according to plan (open truth) and we were behind schedule. Before sleeping last night I asked who are all coming for morning walk (Kabira’s Fav), except Anil every one said yes. I got up at 0445 Hrs and did pranayama and around 0615 Hrs every got ready for morning walk. Me, Raaghu and Nagi started first towards Tunga River and later Pungi and Gane joined. Spend some time near river and came back to hotel and got ready and checked out hotel at around 0830 Hrs. Recharged ourselves with “Idly” and “Chow Chow bath” and headed towards “Kuppalli”. Kuppalli is the place were Rasthra Kavi Kuvempu House was located which is about 12KM from “Thirthhalli”. Kuvempu Poet house was converted in to Museum which was maintained by the trust. Place was real worth watching and spend around 2 hours. Every kannadiga must see this place.


Our next destination was “Shringeri” which was about 40 Km from Koppa. Reached “Shringeri” at about 1300 Hrs. After darshan we went to near the river to see big big fishes. We had parceled 10 packets of poori for those always hungry fishes. They finished it in no time. We finished the oota cum Prasada at srigeri temple.


After that we headed towards most awaited place that’s “Agumbe”. On the way to Agumbe we thought to see Vanake-Abbey Falls if time permits. As the Road was good Satish drove with out taking off leg from accelerator and reached Agumbe at around 1500 Hrs. Enquired about he Vanake-Abbey Falls with the local guys and they updated that 1 Km before Agumbe there is a small deviation which will take to Falls. When we reached to the Deviation we found that it “Barkana Falls”, anyways it was 7Km in side main road and we had time so decided to explore the “Barkana Falls”. After getting off from the Main road we could travel around 2 KM in Qualis and from there we had to trek rest of the road. Locked the Qualis and started trekking towards “Barkana Falls”. There was no one on the road as well as on the trekking road. It was very quite and calm with wild buffalo. Me and Raaghu were around 50 Mtrs ahead of Other folks. We were walking in side the thick bushy forest. It was kind of scary also but at the same time we were sure that there were no lives threatening animals. As and when we were covering the distance the jungle was getting thick and thick with lots of birds and peculiar sounds which made Nagi and Anil to go back. Nagi and Anil decided to go back to bring Qualis. It was Mud road but at the same time one vehicle can go at a time. Me Raaghu and Gane continued walking and after some distance got in to Qualis and continued for some time but could not continue for long due to the narrow and rocky road. Got off from Qualis and continued walking. Things were really getting bad as and when we were proceeding further. Nagi from the Back shouted we shall go back. Gane said what ever happens we have to see the “Barkana Falls” and continued further. Nagi left with no choice but to follow us. From this point another just 50 Mts we reached the destination…. Good call Gane. With the Nagi’s words if we would have gone back then we would have missed the a fantastic scene. We could not believe our eyes such a fantastic view of “Barkana Falls”. This is the place where Dr. Rajkumar’s “Aasksmika’s” song “Agumbeia ee sanjaya” was shot. Spend around 30 mins and digitalized some of the nature best views and headed back towards Qualis. It was around 1700 Hrs when we reached Qualis and then around 1730 Hrs we reached Agumbe for sun set.


I was having lot and lot of expectation regarding Agumbe’s Sun set but all gone in drain. Agumbe felt shot of my expectation and we finally decided to move out.


Started towards Bangalore at around 1745 Hrs and before that near Agumbe check post we had hot “bajji” and tea. It was awesome.


Around 1800 Hrs we started towards Bangalore and decided to go via Hassan road. There was some confusion while taking the deviation towards Chickmanglore. But finally got I to correct route after deviating for about 22 Kms. On the way back some of talents come out. To start of with mine, Dr. Raj’s “Bangarada Manushya’s” “aagdoo yendu” and “Bhagyavantaruu’s ” “Ninna Nanna Manavu” song and ending with Nagi’s in full flow Kanta dialogues of “Raktha Kaneeru”. At some place before chikamangalore we took one tea break and after that Nagi was uncontrollable with his Marriage fundas and this time it was Gane who was Barka.  Nagi who is famous for this and having a track record of spoiling good boys like me, Shetts and Kabira right Nagi ?


After that Satish was unstoppable with his real time stories of life and views about girls. Only Nagi, Anil and Satish was awake in the return journey exchanging their’s life stories.


Near Chikamanglore out skirts had small bio break and headed towards Hassan where we wanted to recharge ourselves. We finished dinner in Hassan and headed towards Banalore. I was dropped out first, then Pungi followed by Gane. Nagi was dropped to JNR then finally Raaghu. Anil stayed in Raaghu’s place.

To view all the photos... Please click here....

Below are the some of the snaps....


Kavi Kuvempu avara mane... @ Kuppalli


Boys at Kavishyala .... @ Kuppalli


Boys @ Hidlemane Falls.... Tired after trekking.


Finally did it !!!!


Nagi, Vinod, Raaghu @ Kavaledurga fort.


Pungi, Raaghu, Nagi, Vinod and Anil @ Shringri.


Barkana Falls.... Place where Dr. Rajkumar's Aagumbia ee sanjiya song was shot.


Gane, Anil, Raaghu, Nagi and Vinod @ Kavaledurga fort.


@ Top of Kavaledurga fort where whole range of "Sayadari Range" and "Linganmakki Dam Reservoir" was visible.


Easy question for Kabira .... :-)


@ Kuppalli.


Boys relaxing... on the way to kavaledurga fort.