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Starring : Vinod, Naggan  (Not Full) , Shetts, Pokar aka Raaghu.


Date : 24 – 25 June 2006


Author : Vinod.


Route : Bangalore – Nalmangala – Yadiyuru – Kunigal – Channaraya Patna - Hassan – Belur – Helebidu – Chickmagaluru – Banavar – Arsikere – Gubbi – Tumkur – Nalmangala – Bangalore – 521 KM


We were bored with the normal trips so we were thinking of some thing different and finally decided to go for a long bike ride. Initially we thought of going for the 3 days ride but due to the unavailability of the boys we cut shorted to 2 days. Once the no. of days are decided then comes the challenge of deciding the place. For the 3 days I kept approx 800 KM return journey. But, it was reduced to 500 KM. So deciding the place was very confusing as monsoon was on its way.  The other places came in to talks were Bheemweashri, Nagarhole, Kabini and BR hills . So, keeping the 500 KM return distance we decided to go for Nagarhole route. Naggan network and some more surfing we came to know that we have to take a local car / jeep to enter in to the Nagarhole forest range. Then we thought it will not make any sense of keeping bike outside the forest. So, I came up with the Chickmagaluru plan and every one said Chickmagaluru would be fine.


No. of persons were decided as no other member gave some or the other reason for not coming. Welcoming all the members decision we four were ready.  Namma Team slogan "Bandre Karkondu hogthive, barolla andre bittu hogthive"


3 days before myself (Avenger) and Shetty (Fiero) gave bike for servicing and with this we were all set of the trip.


24 June 26, 2006 – Saturday


Early in the morning I got up around 0330 Hrs and sat for some time to stabilize my self. At around 0350 Hrs I gave a wake up call to Naggan, Shetts, Raaghu and decided to meet at Shetts house sharply at 0500 Hrs. Naggan was the first person to reach at the YPR junction at 0450 Hrs I was shocked as I never expected that Naggan would make it before time as he is known for late comer. I made it exactly at 0500 followed by Pokar and Shetts. Then parked the Naggan’s and Pokar’s Vehicle in pungi’s  (Common friend) house and started the journey towards SHELL pump after having darshan in temple near YPR junction. Filled the tank and headed towards Yediuru in NH4 /NH48 . Early in the morning roads very few vehicles were there and we started to raise the speed. After covering around 40 KM we encountered 1st adventure of the trip that’s puncher  or in dude style we got a flat tyre . Shetts vehicle got punchered. Shetts and Pokar on the back seat were on around 90 KM and due to the sudden puncher vehicle was misbalanced and some how shetts controlled the vehicle and got it off road. Myself and Naggan were on Avenger and went further to find out any puncher shop and found one in 500 M vicinity. Shetts pushed the fiero and in 30 mins every thing was ready and we stared again towards Yediuru.


We reached Yediuru around 0800 Hrs finished darshan and headed towards Hassan. On the way in Kunigal we had break fast and driver also changed. Naggan was riding Avenger and I was sitting back. Road was empty and lovely, and we couldn’t stop ourselves and touched average of 90 KM/hour speed and in between touched 100 and 110 KM/hour . With this speed we reached Hassan @ 1030 Hrs. In Hassan we enquired about the route to Beluru and headed towards beluru. Till this time weather was very pleasant. After Hassan nature god started showing her power and it started slight drizzling but it was not a show stopper. We continued our journey towards Beluru. Hassan to Beluru road was too good and we were enjoying our ride very much. In between we took 1 – 2 small break to enjoy and digitize some of the natures best views.

Reached  Beluru @ 1130 Hrs and spend near an hour and half in the temple. Started towards Helebedu and covered Helebedu and were back to Beluru around 1400 Hrs for Lunch. We had 4 full meals at the local hotel in Beluru and then started towards Chickmagaluru which was 26 KM.


We reached Chickmagaluru around 1600 Hrs. Naggan called his brother to check if any good hotels are around and his brother suggested Soundarya hotel and  Vasanth Vihar  Hotel  in Ratnagiri road. Unfortunately Vasanth Vihar hotel was full and was occupied by Christ College students, Bangalore. It was huge crowed of 40 – 50 Boys and Girls. It was our bad luck we did not get room there . Anyways we enquired in Soundarya hotel and we got the rooms there and checked in around 1630 Hrs. Shetts and Naggan were tired and lied down on bed. I was watching TV for some time and was not getting sleep so do Pokar aka Raaghu. Then @ around 1800 Hrs Me and Pokar we out in city and asked Auto driver for any good places. Auto fellow said there is one Mahatma Gandhi Park which is good and its near by around  0.5 KM. While going to the park my bike come to reserve and calculated avenger mileage, it was giving only 35 KM/Liter which was bad . I was thinking that atleast mileage would be around 40 – 45 KM/Liter. Any ways filled in for Rs 100 and then went to park. Park entrance was good and entrance fees was Rs 2 only.


After the entrance there as a mini train which would take around the Park and in the whole park myself and Pokar were there along with few park maintenance person. Pokar asked how much train ride would cost, they(Maintenance ppl) said that as there are no one we have to run specially for you two guys and would cost Rs 100 per person then I said forget it we will walk around the park. Then park security guy called us and said that Train is going to shed and you guys can board till the shed and from there come by back, we said ok and boarded the train. It was around 500 Meters we went in train and while coming back myself and pokar came in track which virtually gave a satisfaction of the most exciting sakleshpura rail trek which we could not go.


While coming back in the track we took some snaps and went to the peak of the park and took some of the finest pictures of nature. By this time Naggan and Shetts called up 4 – 5 times to come back. While going back the Hotel went to ATM to withdraw some quick money.


It was drizzling and climate was perfectly suited for honeymoon. But unfortunately we were alone. Reached room and ordered for hot tea and some snacks and as usual started playing rummy. After 4 rounds of Rummy myself and Shetts went out to bring some drinks. Bought 1 quarter of Romonov Vodka. Shetts, Naggan and Pokar had 60 each and I had glass of 7up and continued rummy with football match on. Naggan was I think out and started the same old topic of marriage. Then he asked me to call Kabira. I called Kabira and as usual we got reply from Kabira “Maga aache iddenee amale call madthe nee” (I am out side shall call you later). Naggan said “Lo eno Kabira  bel belgene ne outing haa?” (Mor morning outing for kabira). Then as usual naggan spoke to Kabira and said call back. Kabira called back in 5 mins time and we all spoke. After that ordered for food and around 2300 Hrs we ended for the day and decided to leave by 0700 Hrs Sunday.


25 June 2006 - Sunday


I got up by 0530 and did some asanas and pokar got up around 0600 Hrs and were ready by 0645 and went out to get some “Manthe Beeja” for Pokar as his stomach was upset badly and had many trips in and out. Around 0730 every one was ready and came down to reception and settled the amount and had our break fast in the same hotel. After break fast continued our journey.


Our target was to reach Bangalore in the day light only as we decided no night driving in the highway. Thinking this in mind we thought we will go to Baba budengiri but then shetts told that we have already seen that place instead of seeing that place we can go to Ayenkare which was un-explored place and around 16KM from Chickmagaluru. We all agreed and headed towards Ayenkare. It was drizzling right from the morning and continued till we reached Ayenkare. Road was not good, but managed to reach there in an hours time. It was very scenic all through. Ayenkare is located on the way to Kaduru from Chickmagaluru. We have to take a deviation near “Saakarayapura”. From Saakrayapura it's just 5KM.


Road was very narrow may be around 10 – 12 Ft road. Surrounding places all through the road was marvelous. On the way we stopped for bio break and had photos sessions on Avenger.


Reached Ayenkare and we never expected that the place was so good and was just wondering why this place was un-explored. Ayenkare was really awesome and just don’t have words to describe. Pokar and Myself captured lots of photos and spend near to an hour.


We started out journey towards Bangalore and came back to Saakrayapura and had one small tea break. I enquired with the tea shop for the best route to Bangalore. Tea shop guy told us that we can take Banavar route which would be easy and road is also very good instead of taking Kaduru route and Banavar route saved us almost 25KM. From here change in the Riders, it was Pokar and me on avenger and Shetts and Naggan were on Fiero.


Road was very good all through. This was NH206 which connects to Arsikere. On the way towards we were racing with each other and we touched almost 110KM/Hr. After traveling around 60KM we took one break at Sri Krishan Tiffin house in Arsikere, this gave little bit of relaxation. Then continued our journey back to Bangalore and decided to take break in Tumkur directly and have lunch. But we could not continue journey for long and had to take break on road side as Naggan’s and Pokar’s bike was totally screwed up. Naggan and pokar did some stretching and continued journey after 30 mins.


Reached Tumkur @ around 1400 Hrs and we missed out the bypass road to Bangalore and entered in the city. As usual it lot of traffic and were able to get on to NH4 in 30 mins. Pokar was very hungry and was telling to stop in any hotels. I told that instead of same regular food we will have in the Highway Dhaba. All agreed and went on NH4 nearly 3 – 4 KM and we could not find out any Dhaba. Pokar was angry as well as hungry. Finally we saw Kamat Yatrinivas and had our favorite food “Jolad Roti Meals”.


Finished meals and it started raining heavily and with out any options left out we waited there only for 30 mins. Once every thing was settled we started towards Bangalore around 1600 Hrs. Shetts and Naggan were on fiero and myself and Pokar were on Avenger. Shetts raised accelerator and stopped only at Pungi’s house. Myself and Pokar were stuck in rain near Nalmangala and reached Pungi’s house around 1800 Hrs. Had tea at pungi’s house and then went to Kabira’s house as Naggan wanted to speak aboud Kabira’s Marriage. From there every one left to there sweet homes.

To view all the photos... Please click here....

Below are the some of the snaps....


On the way to Belur, wonderfull scenery with lake on both side of road.


On the way back to Bangalore, on Bannavar and Arsikere road NH206.


This is a place called Ayenkere 15 KM from Chickmagaluru near sakkarapura. I guess this place is unexplored as not even single person i could see.


Pokar, Shetts and Naggan at Ayenkere.


Shetts, Nagan, Vinod @ Yediyur.


On the way back to Bangalore, Naggan and Pokar couldn't bare the back pain. Shetts is treating naggan.


Naggan, Shetts, Vinod. Shetty trying to explore Avenger.


On the way to Hassan.